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Launch of Samra Aero Services

Royal Group Samra Seaplane Elevates Cambodia's Aviation Landscape with Launch of Aero Services and Supply of Bose Aviation Pilot Headsets

Phnom Penh, August 14, 2023 — Royal Group Samra Seaplane sets out to strengthen the local aviation industry by widening the choice of available products and services through the introduction of its groundbreaking Samra Aero Services. This strategic endeavor is poised to enhance the aviation landscape in Cambodia, offering a curated array of premium products and services catered to the aviation community, encompassing Bose Aviation headsets, Visual Flight Rule (VFR) Charts of the Kingdom of Cambodia, and comprehensive aviation consulting services, that may include feasibility studies, aircraft trading and operations. This initiative underscores the company's commitment to meeting the needs of the diverse and rapidly growing aviation market in Cambodia.

The launch of Samra Aero Services ushers in a pivotal moment in the company's early journey, representing a significant step forward. By combining state-of-the-art technology with unwavering dedication, Samra Seaplane is set to redefine air travel experiences.

"As aviators, we aspire to uplift and facilitate Cambodia with products we love and use, while also providing expert consulting for the region upon demand," — Dennis Keller, CEO at Royal Group Samra Seaplane.

Bose A30 Aviation Headset

Solidifying its commitment further, Samra Seaplane proudly announces its exclusive partnership with Aviation Partner And Consulting (“APAC”), Singapore, the official regional distributor of Bose Aviation products. This strategic alliance positions Samra Seaplane as the designated APAC’s point of sale for Bose Aviation headsets in Cambodia.

"Further to the successful partnership with Siam Seaplane offering Bose Aviation headsets in Thailand, this extended partnership in Cambodia will give the opportunity to the pilot and aviator community to have access to the most popular aviation headsets in the industry," — Fred Hervot, Managing Director at Aviation Partner And Consulting, shares his perspective on the partnership.

Through this partnership, Samra Seaplane is able to introduce the highly anticipated Bose A30 and Bose ProFlight Series 2 Aviation headsets, for professional airline pilots, private pilots, as well as military or airforce. Bose Aviation headsets come with a variety of plugs, allowing them to be utilized for both fixed and rotary wing, and a wide variety of aircraft types. The headsets, as well as spare parts, are now in stock and available for purchase via Samra Seaplane’s official website or its office right here in the heart of Phnom Penh. Elevate your flight experience with these cutting-edge headsets, backed by the official 5-year global warranty. The Bose A30 Bluetooth is priced at USD1,690, while the ProFlight Series 2 is available at USD1,520 for the Bluetooth variant and USD1,450 for the non-Bluetooth option (tax included).

"Working with APAC represents a close partnership, extended from our sister company, Siam Seaplane, in Thailand," says Fabrice Mouton, Chief Technical Officer at Royal Group Samra Seaplane. He adds, "We are pleased to be the official point of sale in Cambodia and pave the way for further potential in accessibility of crucial aviation products in the Cambodian market."

Royal Group Samra Seaplane will offer Cambodia's first of its kind premium amphibious seaplane services — providing faster, easier, and seamless access to waterfront resorts, beaches, and marinas. Furthermore, Samra Aero Services reinforces the company’s commitment by presenting a diverse selection of product and service offerings tailored to the unique needs of aviation enthusiasts and professionals. To explore the full range of aviation products and services under Samra Aero Services, visit the company’s official website at

About Royal Group Samra Seaplane

Royal Group Samra Seaplane, a joint venture between Seaplane Asia Limited of Hong Kong and the Royal Group of Cambodia, will offer Cambodia's first of its kind premium amphibious seaplane services — providing faster, easier and seamless access to waterfront resorts, beaches and marinas. A premium service for any holiday makers, groups of friends, families, and the most exclusive VIP treatment for discerned executives and influential persons.

About Aviation Partner And Consulting (APAC)

Located in Singapore, APAC is an authorised distributor for several OEM with local stock available 24/7 to support your aircraft maintenance products and parts needs. APAC provides a wide range of pilot headsets and accessories available in their Seletar showroom or via their online shop.

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Launch of Samra Aero Services
Samra Seaplane Elevates Cambodia's Aviation Landscape with Launch of Aero Services and Supply of Bose Aviation Pilot Headsets.
Press ReleasePress Release
August 14, 2023
Samra Seaplane Elevates Cambodia Aviation Landscape With Launch of Aero Services.
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